BPD, Relationships, and Trauma: The Impact of BPD on Relationships and Vice Versa

Dr. Fitzpatrick discussed what is known about how BPD impacts family and partner relationships. She addressed how people with BPD navigate relationships, as well as how BPD symptoms impact and are impacted by communication problems in a relationship. She also discussed the potential of trauma and PTSD in family members of someone with BPD. This event is co-presented by The Ashley Boca Mindfulness Foundation and The Sashbear Foundation.

This webinar was held on December 9, 2020.

Dr. Skye Fitzpatrick

Dr. Skye Fitzpatrick is the Director of the TULiP (Treating & Understanding Life-Threatening Behaviour and Posttraumatic Stress) Research Lab at York University. Dr. Fitzpatrick completed her PhD in 2018 at Ryerson University, a predoctoral internship in Seattle at the University of Washington, and postdoctoral fellowship in the Center of Alcohol Studies at Rutgers University. Her current research interests focus on the examination of emotional and relationship processes in the treatment of BPD and PTSD, and identifying ways to streamline and refine concurrent treatments for this comorbidity.

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